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With SchoolShell, you can conduct
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SchoolShell, Bridging the Educational Gap

Reinventing schooling for students through
SchoolShell App

Student can easily interact with other students through a live chat. Teachers can also collaborate through our live chat. Students easily check their results online
With SchoolShell students registration and admission process is made easy,
such that students can register from the comfort of their homes.
Student can now make payment online and
also access the payment history with ease


The SchoolShell Solutions:

SchoolShell Operate

Schools can easily set-up their customized grading system, send messages and compute student results accurately.

SchoolShell Class

Schools can engage their students to practice or take digital tests, upload Lessons & Assignment, Performance Index etc.

SchoolShell Engage

Students can be referred to the appropriate authority for disciplinary action, view house points of students.

SchoolShell Finance

Schools can manage thier income, expenditure and other financial transactions.

Better Administration for

SchoolShell enhances school administration such as handling and managing student's files and data, fee payment processing and management, compling and computation of student's results.

This software is aimed at bridging the educational gap between Parents, Teachers and the School towards a terrific nurturing of every child.


Enhance Learning and

With SchoolShell, you can conduct online tests and exams weekly & termly; assess and track student performances, upload lesson notes and assignments remotely in an easier and seamless way in real time for better learning.

This gives you a globe image and a very good competitive advantage over other schools.


Several Schools in Nigeria are already using SchoolShell


What stands us out

SchoolShell enhances learning for students, solve administrative problems for schools and bridge the educational gap for parents.
It makes the roles of students, teachers, school administrators and parents seamless and easy to use.

Easy to use

Easy to use

Our System will be able to accommodate any future school growth. We invest heavily in engineering and develop new product features and enhancement regularly. We ...

Optimal Customer Service

Optimal Customer Service

Our Customer commitment is reflected in overwhelming performance and excellent reliability that protect, grow and expand, the unique value of your school. This explains why ...

Optimal Perfomance

Optimal Perfomance

The system design and platform utilizes the latest developments in computer technology. The system has a graphical user interface; it is web-based and mobile-friendly.

Exciting Features

Exciting Features

We never relent in solving the challenges of schools that’s why we welcome new challenges. We developed an al driven e-learning platform for students which ...

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SchoolShell is a holistic app for schools, students and parents. It makes learning fascinating to students,
solve administrative problems for schools and bridge the educational gap for parents.
We have several schools using SchoolShell in Nigeria and all around the world.

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