Got Any Questions?

Kindly check on the frequently asked questions to know more about SchoolShell and all its features, benefits and how to sign up for it. If you can't find answers you are looking for, click on the get more help button to contact our support team.
  • What's all about SchoolShell?
    SchoolShell is a remarkable software for schools. It is the best School management software around, particularly Nigeria. Our clients testified that it is the best solution they've ever used. With SchoolShell, parents can get a real time academic and behavioural performance of their wards. SchoolShell is not just another software, it's a solution meant to make life easier for parents, teachers, students and school owners. It is tailor made to raise world class students for the 21st century challenges.
  • Who can use SchoolShell?
    Any school can use SchoolShell. Be it primary school, secondary. school, private school or public school. We also have SchoolShell+ (plus) for tertiary institutions. It is custom made for tertiary institutions - be it Colleges, Polytechnics, University, Seminary etc.
  • What's SchoolShell RNS is all about?
    SchoolShell RNS (Rich Network System) is a network and referral system, where individuals can turn their links and friendship into market value by referring Schools / persons to use SchoolShell and in turn get a reward for referring the school. The more school you refer, the more you will make from our reward system.
  • Who can participate in RSN?
    Anybody can participate. Anyone is with a link to a school; anyone who knows someone who owns a school, anyone who has a friend who works in a school, anyone who is part of a Parent Teacher Association (PTA); anyone who is an alumnus of a school; anyone who wants the best from a school his or her wards attend? Here’s a life time opportunity for you. Refer them to use SchoolShell and start making money.
  • How do I get started?
    To get started register your interest here. Fill the form properly. After your registration you will get your ID Code. Please use the ID Code to refer Schools and have them linked to your network.
  • How do I register for the network system?
    Click on Parnter Menu and select any of the sub-menu above to register.
  • How do I get my pay?
    Anytime you get a school, linked to your referral code, you'll get paid into your registered account number. A school with 200 students will earn you the N40,000; a school with student above 200 will earn you more than N40,000. A school lesser than 200 students will earn you the amount proportionate to their number of students.
  • How do I get schools to sign up?
    To get a school sign up, you need to have a link to the school and then inform them about SchoolShell. You can refer to us for marketing materials to convince the school. If you don't have a link to the school, you can work up to them and convince them to use Schoolshell.


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